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70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud. The new Cooper Discoverer A/T3 offers a direct OE replacement in a light truck construction for some of the most popular 4WD’s on the market today. The A/T3 utilises a balanced combination of technology, compounding and design to produce a tyre that will perform well in nearly all types of terrains.


  • Super Tensile Steel Belt - The super tensile steel belt provides the A/T3 with 15% higher than normal tensile strength which results in higher impact strength and puncture resistance.
  • Chemically Bonded Silica Tread Compound - The tread compound provides improved wet traction and handling on the highway, while also improving cut?n?chip resistance in harsher rocky and gravel terrain.
  • Stronger Sidewalls - The new A/T3 has increased cord strength in the carcass, from 1500 denier to 2000 making it 33% stronger than the ATR. This means less damage and a higher load capacity.
  • Saw?Tooth Groove - Creates additional biting edges and enhances its ability to clean itself in off?road conditions.
  • Micro Gauge Zig-Zag Siping - The smaller gauge sipes in the tread provide increased vehicle stability and control. The zig-zag shape creates more biting edges which allow for better soft surface and wet traction.
  • Lateral Groove Protectors - Serrated steps in the lateral tread grooves reduce stone retention and stone drilling.
  • Modern aggressive 5-Rib All?Terrain Design - The A/T3 tread pattern exploits a combination of features specifically suited to provide solid all?season traction, excellent stability, confident handling and reliable treadwear.
  • Broken Centre Rib - Improves soft surface traction without sacrificing handling.
  • GUARANTEED TO LAST UP TO 90,000 kms* - In capital cities, the A/T3's famous mileage guarantee* ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 kms, depending on size.
Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Low Rolling Resistance?
30X9.5 R15 104R387mm--
31X10.5 R15 109R754mm--
225/70 R15 100T696mm--
235/75 R15 104R734mm--
235/75 R15 109T734mm--
255/70 R15 108T738mm--
265/70 R15 112T752mm--
265/75 R15 112T779mm--
215/70 R16 100T707mm--
225/70 R16 103T721mm--
225/75 R16 115R744mm--
235/70 R16 106T735mm--
235/85 R16 120R806mm--
245/70 R16 118R749mm--
245/75 R16 120R774mm--
255/70 R16 111T763mm--
265/70 R16 121R777mm--
265/75 R16 123R804mm--
285/75 R16 126R834mm--
305/70 R16 124R833mm--
315/75 R16 127R879mm--
225/75 R17 116R771mm--
235/60 R17 102T714mm--
235/65 R17 104T737mm--
235/70 R17 111T761mm--
245/65 R17 107T750mm--
245/65 R17 111T750mm--
245/70 R17 119S775mm--
255/65 R17 110T763mm--
265/65 R17 120R776mm--
265/70 R17 121S803mm--
275/65 R17 121S789mm--
275/70 R17 121R817mm--
285/65 R17 121S802mm--
285/70 R17 121S831mm--
315/70 R17 121S873mm--
265/60 R18 110T775mm--
265/60 R18 119S775mm--
265/65 R18 122R802mm--
265/70 R18 124S828mm--
275/65 R18 123S815mm--
275/70 R18 125S842mm--
285/65 R18 125S828mm--
265/50 R20 107T773mm--
275/55 R20 117T811mm--
275/65 R20 126S866mm--
285/55 R20 122R822mm--
285/60 R20 125S851mm--

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Cooper AT3

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