Falken Wildpeak Long Term Review Video

We've driven on the Falken Wildpeak AT3W for over 10,000km - get our opinion on these tyres right here!

We've driven on the Falken Wildpeak AT3W for over 10,000km - get our opinion on these tyres right here!

Full Transcript:

And welcome back to Tyre View where I've been running these Falken Wildpeak AT3W's for about the last 11,000K's or 200 and something hours worth of driving. And I must say I've been really, really impressed with these tyres. I've been through quite deep water, like waist deep water in the car. I've also been through water which you normally aquaplane through on normal tyres and it didn't aquaplane at all so I was really surprised so this actually one night where I was coming back from a photo shoot and I went through this dip where I had previously aquaplaned and had no issues with that. And it was storming and it was horrible so I was really pleased with that. Then another time, we actually went up to the snow and I found an excuse to actually drive through some quite deep snow and they were great. They're really good tyres.
And then just recently we went on a quite muddy track down in Pelverata Falls in Southern Tasmania and again the tyres did really well. So I was following another guy who had a Land Cruiser which had some very well known, very well regarded tyres and there was a hole that he couldn't climb out of that I could climb out of which I was very happy with. You know, the big Land Cruiser, anyway.
We also took these onto the track, a basketball raceway here in Southern Tasmania as well and I was again really impressed by how well they cornered. They communicated really well so when they were going to lose that grip and there was a little bit of tyre hell but not much. Enough to let you know you were actually pushing the car hard. I feel like it did fairly well, so that's great.
So the AT3W is a solid tyre but therein lies a bit of a problem. The ride is a little bit rougher than maybe nonaggressive tyres or less aggressive tyres. So passenger comfort is a little bit of a trade off with this tyre, but that's a trade off that I am willing to take.
So, in all, for these tyres, I would really recommend. They're a confidence inducing tyre and wouldn't hesitate to say to anyone that give them a try and see how they go on your car.
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