Ford Ranger – Top 5 Tyres as rated by Tyre Review users

In Australia, the Ford Ranger is considered a very popular and versatile vehicle. Lets check out the top 5 tyres for the Ford Ranger.

In Australia, the Ford Ranger is one of the most popular vehicles, generally coming second only to the Toyota Hilux in sales. You could almost say that Rangers are like bum holes - everyone has one! We even have one here at the Tyre Review head-quarters for use in our long-term reviews... 

Let’s take a look at the findings of our top Ford Ranger tyre reviews, based on our independent, consumer sourced database, and ranked by the average ratings for tyres suited to the Ford Ranger.

Keep in mind that these rankings change all the time, so if you're reading this in the future, check out the full list of best rated tyres for Ford Rangers here.

1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Falken Wildpeak AT3W tyre review

Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Based on 30 reviews and more than 476,000 KMs.

Anytime, anywhere! That’s the attitude drivers conjure up while taking the aggressive All-Terrain tyres out from Falken. Coming in first on Tyre Review for popular tyres for the Ford Ranger, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is engineered for adventure on rugged terrain, without compromise on the bitumen.

Check out this independent review:
Dale M (TR Reviewer)
“Overall the Wildpeak AT3W has performed above my expectations. The off-road grip and handling I cannot fault, even for the slow rock crawling on tracks, they just stick to the ground. This tyre has very minimal road noise on the highway and performs superb in the wet.”

The Wildpeak AT3W is packed with technology including Falken’s heat diffuser technology, 3D canyon sipe technology, rugged and rigid tread blocks and a super aggressive new upper sidewall. Full-depth sipes and grooves maintain consistent performance and appearance through the life of the tyre."

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2. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R KEVLAR

Based on 9 reviews and more than 356,000 KMs.

The Wrangler from Goodyear is designed and tested in some of the harshest off-road areas in Australia. Offering 4WD performance for the most extreme driving conditions, the Goodyear Wrangler features an aggressive asymmetric tread which is designed for additional traction and grip, along with a layer of DuPont Kevlar. The Kevlar is situated through the sidewalls of the tyre and provides extra toughness and durability.

Check out this independent review:

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar tyre review

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar

Peter T (TR Reviewer)
“60000km out of the first set. Great on road and excellent off-road performance. Regular rotations and road noise is a minimum for a mud tyre. Had no punctures and drove over everything with them. Recommend them to anyone that can afford them”

The Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar features some cutting edge tyre technology with advanced silica tread compounds, a three-ply sidewall construction, Kevlar reinforced sidewalls, traction ridges and an asymmetrical tread designed to offer aggressive off-road traction while maintaining enhanced handling on the road."

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3. Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus

Based on the popular Scorpion ATS, the Scorpion AT Plus is the latest all-round performing tyre on offer from Pirelli. On and off the road, this All Terrain is designed to deliver high off-road performance across a wide range of conditions. While best off-road, this new tread pattern, is aggressive off-road but makes very little road noise, especially when really pushed around corners.

Here's one of our independent consumer tyre reviews for the Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus:

pirelli scorpion at plus tyre review

Pirelli Scorpion AT +

Andrew (TR Reviewer)
“As someone who does long trips over some fairly average dirt roads i can't stress enough how impressed i am with this all terrain.  On the highway, it offers great wet and dry performance within minimal road noise and off road it’s just as solid and capable as some of the more expensive offerings from Coopers and BFGoodrich I've used previously. Very happy.”

You can even check out our own Tyre Review long-term test at the link below. We put this tyre to the test across the harsh and rugged terrain of Tasmania’s West Coast. Some key features worthy of a mention for Pirelli’s new AT Plus are the new aggressive block tread pattern, optimised contact pressure distribution, longitudinal grooves, optimised tread block pitch sequence design and a wider sidewall layout.

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Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus getting muddy

4. Maxxis MT-772 RAZR

maxxis mt 772 razr tyre review

Maxxis MT - 772 Razr

Based on 3 reviews, and more than 16,000 KMs.
80% of our reviewers absolutely loved and would recommend the Maxxis MT-772 RAZR. It’s fair to say that this tyre stands up to its competitors.  

Here's an independent consumer review by a Ford Ranger driver on the Maxxis MT-772 RAZR:

Michael C (TR Reviewer)
“These are by far the quietest muddies I have run, I was torn between these and the new KM3's, but went with the new 772's and loving them so far, quiet, smooth. Loads of grip, wet/dry tar, and great on dirt/gravel, they don’t tend to "drift" on loose gravel roads like previous mud tyres I have had either, very happy with them.”

The Maxxis RAZR is an aggressive tyre that offers a stack of new features. These include an all-new innovative sidewall design and tread pattern, plus the new dual-cord casing ply intertwined reinforcement fibres.

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The Maxxis Razr being put through its paces on the west coast of Tasmania

5. Kumho KL61 AT

Kumho KL61 AT tyre review

Kumho KL61 AT

Based on 10 reviews and more than 265,000 KMs.

The Kumho KL61 AT is guaranteed for 60,000kms with a tread pattern best suited for the modern-day SUV and perfect for the Ford Ranger. The KL61 AT has a less aggressive tread pattern for a Kumho tyre, and is best suited for 50/50 on and off road driving.
Alan W (TR Reviewer)
“With a less aggressive tread pattern than many A/T tyres, they provide excellent grip on sealed roads - both wet and dry - while being relatively quiet. The biggest surprise was their performance in sand (both beach and desert), on dirt and gravel, and over rocks - no issues whatsoever. They looked a bit worse for wear after three weeks off-road, but some highway running seemed to smooth out the tread and they continue to wear very well. Not great in mud (but what A/T tyre is!). While some may be wary of the 2-ply sidewall, I have had no issues and the better ride compared with 3-ply will be an endless debate. For me, a great tyre during the week that is more than capable for wherever the weekend may lead.”

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So, there you have it! The top five tyres for Ford Rangers (right now). Do you think our consumer reviewers have got it right? 

If not, make sure you have your say and review your tyres!