General Tire General Tire Grabber® X3

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General Tire’s new mud terrain tyre delivers outstanding off-road performance, coupled with good street manners. The Grabber X3 offers aggressive styling and is engineered for durability, with innovative tread features.


  • EXTREME performance in MUD with engineered tread features
  • EXTREME performance in DIRT with superior grip
  • EXTREME performance on ROCK with breakthrough cut resistance
Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Low Rolling Resistance?
30X9.5 R15 104Q387mm--
31X10.5 R15 109Q787mm--
33X12.5 R15 108Q389mm--
33X12.5 R15 113Q389mm--
35X12.5 R15 113Q390mm--
235/75 R15 110Q734mm--
225/75 R16 115Q744mm--
235/85 R16 120Q806mm--
245/75 R16 120Q774mm--
265/70 R16 121Q777mm--
265/75 R16 123Q804mm--
285/75 R16 126Q834mm--
315/75 R16 127Q879mm--
33X12.5 R17 114Q838mm--
35X12.5 R17 121Q441mm--
37X12.5 R17 124Q441mm--
245/70 R17 119Q775mm--
265/70 R17 121Q803mm--
285/70 R17 121Q831mm--
265/70 R18 124Q828mm--
275/65 R18 123Q815mm--
275/70 R18 125Q842mm--

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Have you used these tyres before?

General Tire Grabber® X3

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