Following fresh off the success of the Wrangler AT Silent Armor tyres, Goodyear has announced the AT SilentTrac.

Goodyear has experience with designing award-winning 4x4 and SUV tyres for everything from highway commuting to off-road competition, and with the Wrangler AT SilentTrac they say is the next step in tyre tread and compound design.
Promotional Image showing design of new SilentTrac

Goodyear says the SilentTrac is a tyre aimed at providing serious off-road performance while not compromising NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). The Wrangler AT SilentTrac has an optimised tread design to allow for performance on and off-road while retaining excellent noise characteristics thanks to a multi-layer construction technique involving thicker rubber than its competitors.

With a technology Goodyear has called ‘Durawall technology’, the SilentTrac features a reinforced sidewall that is highly resistant to cuts and tearing during serious off-roading. This tech was in the previous generation tyres but it has been built upon and improved with the SilentTrac.
A few standout features from the new SilentTrac is the stiffer shoulder design for increased load capacity and steering feel, a more efficient tread to void ratio for improved braking performance and tread with more wearable rubber than previous generations, which Goodyear says will give drivers exceptional mileage.

Given that this is an All Terrain tyre, the deeper tread pattern is likely to contribute to that longevity, while the benefits of a "silent" tyre is hard to underestimate.

Goodyear is offering this tyre in an impressive variety of sizes, to suit wheels ranging from 15” up to 18” sizes. The line-up at launch covers 14 sizes designed for passenger 4x4 vehicles as well as 9 sizes of tyre for light trucks.
Ford Ranger demonstrating Goodyear AT SilentTrac tyre.

At Tyre Review we think the trend in making tyres that perform well off-road without compromising on-road manners is going to make a lot of sense for tradies, families and other weekend warriors who aren’t in a position to have multiple sets of wheels and tyres to swap on and off at will.
As more of these tyres make it out into the wild, be sure to keep an eye out on the Goodyear tyre reviews page for reviews as they start coming in. We’re excited to hear what you think about these!

If you’re interested in reading more about these tyres, check out the Goodyear Australia site.