Maxxis Razr MT 3 Minute Review - Tyre Review Winter Adventure 2018

Maxxis Razr MT 3 Minute Review - Tyre Review Winter Adventure 2018

For the 2018 Tyre Review Winter Adventure Ben took his Toyota Prado to the west coast of Tasmania equipped with the brand new Maxxis Razr MT tyre. How did they hold up? What did he think of them? Check it out!

Full Transcript:

Jared: I'm Jared from Tyre Review and I'm here on the west coast of Tasmania for the Tyre Review winter adventure and I'm standing with Ben whose been driving on the Maxxis Razr M/T with his Prado this whole weekend. Ben, just describe the tracks for me that we've been driving on.
Ben: Well the first day Queenstown was a nice start to the weekend and the we moved on to Montezuma Falls and it started to get a little bit hairier. And then Climies Track to finish it off.
Jared: And we actually finished up on the Dunes as well.
Ben: Oh the Dunes, the Dunes are just fun.
Jared: Don't forget the Dunes.
Ben: Dunes are all good.
Jared: So how did these tyres go on the rock for you?
Ben: Yeah on the rock on Climies Track they nailed it. Yeah we got through a pretty good day.
Jared: Yup. Cool.
Jared: Did you get stuck at all?
Ben: We did on Climies. We got through the whole 17 1/2 kilometres and then 100 metres to go we found a big mud hole and got through it all right.
Jared: So speaking of that, on the mud how did it go?
Ben: Yeah really well. Very happy with them, I'd pick these tyres any day.
Jared: Awesome.
Jared: And on the sand how do you feel?
Ben: Sand is just like driving on the road. It's good stuff.
Jared: Nice, nice. So overall what do you think of them?
Ben: Yeah definitely recommend these tyres. They go well with the Prado and they're not too loud on the road either. I was very surprised I thought being a mud tyre they'd be a bit loud but they're very good.
Jared: Any sort of squirrelyness. We've been doing some fairly 100, 110 on the highways here. Any squirrelyness on the road?
Ben: None at all. It's a very good tyre on the road. I was a bit dubious to start with, I thought they'd be a little bit slippery but no.
Jared: Excellent. Cool.
Ben: Gripped well.
Jared: Thanks for coming along Ben.
Ben: No thank you it's been a treat.
Jared: It's been good.

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