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The NanoEnergy R38C is an original equipment car tyre designed specifically by Toyo Tires for the Mazda 3 Neo, Maxx and Touring. Utilising the latest Toyo technology to maximise safety, performance and fuel economy, this tyre is the perfect fit for the Mazda 3 Neo, Maxx and Touring.The NanoEnergy R38A is available in tyre size 205/60R16 92V across Australia and delivers top quality performance with affordable technology at the right price. See our online dealer locator to find out where you can get a set of NanoEnergy R38A tyres for your Mazda 3 Neo, Maxx or Touring.


  • New tread compound designed with Toyo "Nano Balance Technology" - Low rolling resistance, improved wet weather grip and wear resistance
  • Non-directional, rib type tread pattern with lateral grooves - Easy maintenance, low rolling resistance,minimised pattern noise and aquaplaning resistance
  • High stiffness/low weight casing construction - Low rolling resistance without compromising cornering grip and steering response
Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Low Rolling Resistance?
205/60 R16 92V652mm--

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Toyo NanoEnergy R38C

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