Toyo Open Country R/T Long Term Review Video

We've driven the Toyo Open Country R/T over more than 10,000km - tune in to get our opinion on this tyre

Chris from Tyre Review has driven the Toyo Open Country R/T over more than 10,000km, including a massive trip through the Simpson desert - tune in to get his opinion on this tyre!

Full transcript:

Gudday, I'm Jared from Tyreview and I'm here with Chris from Tyreview as well and he's been rolling on the Toyo open country RT's for the last how many K's Chris?
Roughly 15,000 K's now. Just had just over 15,000 K's.
What sort of terrain have you been through? I mean obviously day to day, you're using them.
Day to day, lot of highway use to and from work. Obviously weekends I use the 200 series fairly heavily offroading. We did do a big trip about 9,000 K's, three corner country in South Australia for the Variety Children's charity. We did a big drive with those guys where we really put those tyres to the test when they first came out in Australia. And they got a really hammering and they performed really, really well. I was quite impressed.
Yeah, because you certainly don't hang around when you're driving, particularly offroad.
No, exactly. I mean I've ... the first ever Toyo's I ever run offroad, and I was really impressed and we actually had the lock nut key left about 5,000 kilometres away. And I was a bit panicky worrying about whether we'd get a puncher or we'd get sidewall damage and that sort of stuff for the whole trip. Fortunately, we didn't. They behaved and they did what they needed to do when it came to the crunch.
How did you go with Big Red?
Big Red always one of the only two cars what did it. It had lots of momentum and lots of rev and with a big V8 it did it no problems.
Awesome. So what sort of ... how's the overall experience of driving on the tyres? Are they noisy? I mean is there...
They're the cross between tyres. So I mean like they're certainly an all terrain, they're certainly a mud terrain. But they're really good mix in between the two. I mean it's the first time I've seen this sort of pattern of an all terrain, a mud terrain together. But they're certainly not a noisy tyre whatsoever. But you know like they said in mud where I've used it in [inaudible 00:01:44] and [Tazy 00:01:45] here, they've been fantastic. And I'll go on the highway, they're really good tyre too. I had no real issues with them. I mean they're certainly a little nit noisy than an all terrain, but bugger all. It's marginal.
Awesome, so what sort of driver would you recommend this for?
Look I'd probably recommend it for anyone who likes to get offroad, do you know what I mean? Like it's good if you do. If you're going to do that little bit of extra challenging stuff, then it's nice to know you got that bit of size, bigger grooves in order to really bite into the mud, the rock or whatever you're trying to get traction on.
Sure, they really seem like the jack of all trade tyres, so.
Yep, yep. Like I said, I'm willing, I'm impressed by them again. I've run a lot of different all terrain tyres, mud terrain tyres, all that sort of stuff in my time. And these so far, not an issue.
Awesome, cool. Well thanks for your opinion Chris. Cheers. 

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