Toyo Open Country R/T Studio Review Video

We take a look at the new Toyo Open Country R/T tyre in the Tyre Review studio - join us for a close up look!

We take a look at the new Toyo Open Country R/T tyre in the Tyre Review studio - join us for a close up look!

Full Transcript:

Hey, and welcome to Tyre Review. Today, we're looking at a tyre that I'm actually really excited about. It's this tyre, as we film this video, isn't even on sale yet in Australia. This type of tyre has taken America by storm and this is one of the first ones down here, but it's the Toyo Open Country R/T. The R/T stands for rugged terrain, which means it's actually in between all-terrain and mud-terrain.
They call it this because it's actually got both tread patterns on it. We've got the open spaced mud-terrain tread blocks on the outside here, where you've got heaps of space for it to bite into the dirt and to shed mud out and that sort of thing, and then we've got the more closely spaced all-terrain tread blocks here. These are going to be tight and gripped together on the road, which means it's not going to be as noisy as your traditional mud-terrain, but these wider spaced blocks on the outside here mean that they're going to be much better off the road. The other thing about these tyres is they've got two different sidewalls. They've got a smoother finish and they've also got a ribbed finish on the other side as well, so when you're getting the tyres mounted, you can actually choose whether you want to have a more aggressive-looking sidewall or a less aggressive-looking sidewall.
These tyres will actually be going on our Tyre Review Land Cruiser, which is a fairly heavy sort of vehicle, and the driver is a fairly aggressive driver. He's going to be doing a trip, which is going to take him over about 10,000 kilometres worth of gravel roads and trails and that sort of thing. So, we're really interested to see how these tyres hold up. They're loving them in the States, so let's see how they put up with Australian territory.

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