- I don't drive my car much and my tyres have plenty of tread, but they don't seem to grip aswell as they used to. What causes this?
- I have a boat trailer or caravan which doesn't get used all the time and the tyres are getting old. Do they need to be replaced even if they have tread left on them?

For the most part people drive their cars regularly and replace their tyres once the tread has worn out. But what about those cars which are not driven regularly and spend a lot of time sitting in storage? Most boat trailers and caravans will fit into this category too. In this case we must consider the age of the tyres regardless of how many kilometres they have done or how much the tread has worn down. The main reason for this is that over time the rubber compound of the tyre gradually becomes harder. The harder the rubber is the less traction it will provide. Sometimes pushing on the tyre with your finger you will be able to feel that the rubber is harder than a new tyre.

An old hard tyre may have large chunks of the tread delaminate from the tyre body and come off while driving. A common example of this sort of tyre failure is on boat trailers where the tyres are not used for many months at a time, and may also be submerged in salt water.
Old Tyre