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Yokohama Neova AD08 Studio Review Video

We take a look in the studio at the Yokohama Neova AD08 semi slick tyre, including what the marketing says and what its intended purpose is.

We take a look in the studio at the Yokohama Neova AD08 semi slick tyre - what sets it apart from other tyres, and what's the marketing guff from Yokohama about it. It'll then be equipped to our Tyre Review Subaru WRX STI for a long term test over at least 10,000km.

Full Transcript:

Welcome to Tyre Review. Today we've got some new tyres in the workshop to go on our test Subaru STI. These are the Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 Rs. These tyres are basically semi-slicks. They're as close as you can get to a race tyre, but for a road going type car. This means that you can use your car during the week when you want to go to work, but then you can also use it on the weekend it when you want to use it on the track. 

Normal race tyres they can only go through one heat cycle, which means that they can get hot, and they're really good, but they can only do that once. Whereas, semi-slicks like these ones are able to go through lots of heat cycles, which means that you can take them out to the track on lots of different occasions. They work really well for both situations. They're a good cost saving measure for those who want to get the maximum performance out of their car, but not pay for race specific tyres every time they go out to the track. 

These tyres have a single uni block outside edge, which means you can see here there is always some sort of outside edge of the tread pattern on the road. There's no grooves in here, which means they're gonna have much better roads sticking capability. It also features a new R compound, which has much better initial grip, and better handling, and much better lap times.

This tyre has more carbon for dry traction, more silicone for wet traction, but it also has Yokohama's trademark Orange Oil technology. What they've done is they've squeezed a whole bunch of these things, or some sort of citrus, and they've injected Orange Oil into their tyres, which means that they're actually much better for in the wet, but they also maintain some longevity as well. They actually get more miles out of tyres that have Orange Oil in them. 

We're really excited to get these tyres onto our Subaru STI both for day to day life because that would [inaudible 00:01:46] driven about 40ks to work and back, but also on the track. We'll be taking them out to Baskerville to actually see if we can better our lap time as we got on our previous tyres, and see exactly how they feel on the track as well. We'll be using them day to day in our long term test. 

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