The All-New Continental MaxContact MC7

Apil 10th 2024: Low noise, shorter braking distances AND a precise steering feel. That’s what the new Continental MaxContact MC7 promises to deliver.

Continental Tyres Australia invited Tyre Review to an event at Luddenham Raceway in New South Wales, where they teased the new MaxContact MC7, which is designed to suit Australian drivers who are looking for a sporty tyre that excels on weekdays, as well as spirited weekend adventures. You can read about Chris' adventures here.

Following on from the success of the MaxContact MC6 tyre, the MaxContact MC7 is a significant leap forward in capability, boasting improvements in dry performance, wet braking performance, road noise levels as well as fuel efficiency.  
The Continental MaxContact MC7 tyre is equipped with several technologies that make it a compelling choice for your next tyres: 
  • Cornering Macro-Blocks: The outside shoulder of the MaxContact MC7 maximises the contact area with the road while cornering, leading to more efficient force distribution and stability. 
  • Reflex Compound: Traditionally, tyres that offer enhanced steering feedback can provide less grip in cold and wet conditions, but the MC7 features Continental’s Replex Compound that comprises of enhanced polymer blends, allowing excellent safety in dry and wet conditions, as well as a wide range of temperatures. 
  • 3D Laser-cut Sipes: Plain old sipes weren’t going to cut it with the MaxContact MC7, so you’ll see a wide range of highly modified sipe designs at work, with the sipe design being optimised for the specific placement on the tyre tread pattern. Lighting sipes, Star sipes and Aquasipes all work together to remove water effectively from under the tyre contact patch. 
  • Noise Breaker 3.0: Nobody likes tyre noise, which is why the new MaxContact MC7 features what Continental calls ‘Noise Breaker 3.0’. Functionally, this breaks tyre noise up into various, less harsh frequencies that are less distracting for you as a driver, and less fatiguing to listen to for extended periods of time. 
Did You Know: Continental is a tyre company that performs more testing than any other tyre manufacturer in the world, with over 140,000 tyres tested annually at their dedicated facility in Hanover, Germany, named the Contidrom. In 2023, their test drivers racked up the equivalent testing data to driving around the globe 5000 times. 

When Can I Buy Some? 

The MaxContact MC7 is available in diameters ranging from 17” up to 20” and in widths from 205 up to 275mm cross section width and will be available from your local Continental Tyre dealer Australia-wide from 1 June, 2024.