Falken ZIEX CT60 Studio Overview

An overview of the Falken ZIEX CT60 A/S tyre that is aimed at the SUV & CUV market. Check out the video and let us know what you think about this tyre.

Falken ZIEX CT60 A/S Studio Overview

We've got the Falken ZIEX CT60 Studio Overview ready for you in the video.

The Falken CT60 tyre is part of the ZIEX tyre family and is a tyre aimed at the SUV/CUV market. We're taking a closer look at the CT60 tyre in this video to see what it is made of and what their main selling points have been. Then we're putting this on our Tyre Review Subaru Outback for a good 10,000K's, so make sure you check in our Falken Ziex CT60 Long term review in the coming months.

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The Falken CT60, aimed at SUV & CUV drivers

- Gudday. Today in the warehouse we've got the Falken ZIEX, Zeex, seis, seeks, ZIEX CT60. So today in the warehouse we've got the Falken ZIEX Zeex, I don't know how you actually say that. Falken, you wanna let me know!? Falken ZIEX CT60. And this is a new tyre for Falken. It's part of the ZIEX family, but it's aimed heavily at the SUV market, which is a boom market, as we all know. And so Falken really are putting a bit of, or a lot of marketing and push behind this tyre because for them it's a big segment that they really want to get into. 

So the ZIEX comes in tyre sizes between 215/65R16 and 255/50R20. I've got it written up there in case you see my eyeballs going up there, so again, breaking the third wall. They also say that they've got advanced tread compound, which is theoretically gonna equal shorter braking distances in the dry and the wet, shorter versus what, I'm not sure, but shorter breaking distances, yay. And they reckon that it's gonna be more durable and reliable for the everyday driver. 

So this is one of those new range of tyres we're seeing coming onto the market that have all of these, and that it's more obvious that they're actually putting more work, or more obvious work, into the tyre and trying to make it last longer, because people have more choice now than ever before, particularly in this sort of segment. So let's take a quick look at the tread pattern. 

The Falken CT60 Tread pattern

You can see here it's made up of one, two, three, four, five central ribs or, yeah, two outside ribs and three central ribs. And you can sort of see it from the outset, it's actually gonna be a quieter tyre because right here through these outside ribs, you can see there's very little actual gaps through the outside block for noise to leak through. And on this side, it actually has no gaps whatsoever. So that's gonna make it both quieter, but also it means that there's no noise gonna be or less noise is gonna be leaking out through the outsides of the tread. 

Will the Falken CT60 handle well on the road?

Yeah, so that should be really good for cornering based on looking at the tread, because they've got these five consistent tread ribs that are going around the tyre. Also, you can see these four deep channels, which means that they should, theoretically, be good for ejecting water out from the tread pattern. And the other interesting thing is actually just even feeling the rubber. 

I never thought I'd be into fetishes or anything like that, but they're actually a really tacky compound. So that means that, theoretically, they'll be better for sticking onto the road. But it'll be interesting to see how long they last in terms of longterm wear. So we'll get a tread depth on this one and actually see how we go. 

So that's the Falken ZIEX CT60. We're gonna stick these onto a Subaru Outback for a longterm test. They're coming from a set of All-Terrains to a set of these. So it'll be interesting to see how the reviewer reckons that they differ between the more aggressive tyres versus these, which are more SUV, so passenger-focused. 

So tune in in about 10,000 Ks and we'll come back to you with a longterm review.

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