Falken Azenis RT615K Plus Long Term Review

Al's been driving the Falken Azenis RT615K+ for a long term tyre review. Check out his experience with this tyre and his verdict

Falken Azenis RT615K+ review

We find out how the Falken RT615K+ tyres performed on Al's Subaru WRX. He's been using them for every day driving and the occassional track day.

With well over 17,000 km's he's given them a good run through wet, dry and under performance circumstances. Let's find out how the Falken RT615K Plus ultra high performance tyres behaved once Al got really into using them.

How did the Falken Azenis RT615K+ tyres go?

Full Transcript of the video:

- Jared from Tyre Review here. And, today we're doing a longterm review on the Falken RT 615K Plus. So, Al's been running these on his Subaru for the last, at least 10,000 K's. We'll check in on how far he's gone. I can hear him coming around the corner now. So, let's just see, hopefully he pulls into the right spot. . Here he comes. Hello.

- Hello.

- Say hello to the camera Al.

- G'day guys, how are you doing?

- So, Al you've been driving on these tyres for how long now?

- I've done about 17,000 Ks over five months, six months.

- And, day to day driving, you probably do what? 30Ks or 60Ks a day window?

- Yeah, I used to but I recently moved. But yeah, I used to do about a 100Ks round trip every day.

- And so, how did you find these tyres for sort of day to day living?

How was the RT615K+ performing in wet conditions?

- They were excellent. Until they got worn down about 15,000 Ks. I noticed the wet performance wasn't too good anymore. But, until then I had absolutely no problems at all in the wet and the dry. It was comfortable.

- So, how did it degrade with the wet?

- I noticed it definitely lost traction a lot in the wet, not even when it was raining just when the ground was wet, it started losing traction. And also, I did notice a fair bit of aquaplaning during very heavy rain.

- And on the dry though, it seems like you stuck to the ground fairly well?

- [Alister] Yeah. In the dry they're still perfect.

What was the track performance with the RT615K+?

- [Jared] I know that you took these to the track as well. How do they go on the track?

- Oh, they were great. I gave them a good workout I reckon. They held all day. I did a fair few long sessions, probably 10 laps or more. And, I didn't notice any fade in the grip the whole time, which is impressive.

- Yeah, that's amazing. And how, I mean, obviously these are not the R-compound. So, they're not designed for heavy track days and they're not that extra sticky sort of compound. How do they feel after the track days?

- Yeah. So after the track day, I do feel there was a definite change. I don't know if it was the, like the corners of the sidewall. Maybe had worn down. There was a noticeable change in the road noise as well. It sort of sounded if you're familiar with, when you're going off road you let your tyres down.

- Yes.

- And then back on the road, the sort of like a squidgy rubbery sound. It started sounding like that afterwards. But grip is still about where it was.

- Yeah right. So, they've changed a little bit. But, so it sounds like for somebody day to day driving, not going to the track, they'd be fantastic. Somebody choosing to go to the track and use them at the track and that's their job. It sort of sounds like they'd be pretty proper for both.

- Yeah. Before I attacked them a little bit on the track, I thought we were on track to do 20, 25Ks, thousand Ks easily.

- Which is pretty great for these tyres considering the low profile tread and all that sort of stuff.

- Yeah, for ultra high performance tyres like these 15 to 20,000 it's fairly typical.

- That's like a quarter of what I'm used to getting out of my tyres.

- That's the price you pay.

Would you recommend the Falken RT615K+ tyres?

- Yeah, that's right. Any final thoughts for people who are looking at purchasing these tyres?

- Yeah. So, for the price point they're probably about two thirds of the price of some other well known brands for the same performance.

- Really?

- I actually felt in the wet initially these performed better. So, I would actually, I would highly recommend these if you were putting them on a daily driver.

- Awesome. Oh, cool. Well, thanks for your feedback Al and we'll see you in the next set.

- No worries, thank you.

- Thanks all.

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