Yokohama Geolandar AT G015 Long Term Video Review

Check out our Yokohama Geolandar AT G015 Long Term Review. It's been tested for over 20.000K's over mud, gravel and highway terrain.

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We're meeting up with Dave, who has been testing the Yokohama Geolandar AT G015 for a long term tyre review. Dave has driven the Yokohama AT G015 tyres for over 20.000k's, so let's find out what he thinks of them on the road, gravel and in the mud.  Check out the video below or for a written review, jump over the video.

How did the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 tyres perform?

Full transcript:

- G'day, Jared from Tyre Review here. Today I'm sitting in the car with Dave. And Dave has been driving on the Yokohama G015, all terrain tyres for about the last 20,000 Ks. These tyres are actually ones that we gave to Dave after our trip to the sand last year. So you might remember some of those videos that we did which we might be able to pop up here and tags. But Dave you've had them for 20,000 Ks now. In general, how have the Yokohama's been?

- They've been quite impressive actually. They're exceptionally good on the highway and good in the wet. and I've been quite surprised on the gravel roads that they've been absolutely fantastic. They come in I think it is a 70% on road 30% off road sort of tyre. So yeah, they've been really good in that regard.

- Of course so I'm thinking about on the road, start off with in the wet. You've got a dual cab you. Do you notice that they slip and slide a bit around the roundabout and that sort of stuff in the wet?

- Not so much. They've been a really, really good tyre in that regard. I carry a toolbox with some recovery gear in the back. I did notice once I had that out and after a dry period it did rain. A bit of grease on the road, I did lose a bit of traction. But overall, they've been a really good tyre. I think if you had a canopy on the back and had a bit of extra weight continuously, you wouldn't have any issues with it.

- Yeah. And just for reference, these are 265/70R17s you've got on the Hilux?

- Yeah, that's right. They're a 265/70R17s.

Towing with the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 tyres

- Yeah. Awesome so and then you mentioned earlier that you tow a few bit so how do I do with towing?

- Yes I towed a up to two tonne trailer, tandem trailer and also a camper trailer. So in between it took the both of those and they rate it up to two tonne, have been exceptionally good in that regard, especially again on gravel roads, on wet roads, highway and so forth.

- Yeah, yeah.

- I do a lot of towing through Central Highlands of Tasmania have been through snow and pretty average gravel conditions. And they've been really really good.

- Yeah we went Dave came with us on that snow trip we did last year, as well, that was fantastic. What about on the gravel when you don't have a camper on? How do you find them on the gravel?

- Really good. Every now and again with other tyres you do feel your vehicle especially vehicle it's light in the rear with these dual cab Hilux that just dips out a little bit you don't notice it too much with this tyres.

- Yap

- They've been very reliable and confident

- Yap.

- Tyre on in gravel conditions.

Off road performance with the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 tyres

- So I've got a challenge for you now we're actually sitting at the trial head of a fairly difficult trial. Okay, you to drive through while you talk me through how they're doing the mark. So we're just about to try this dirty bit, let's see how we go Dave.

- Alright I've just got it at a in high four at this stage--

- Yap, so--

- So we can actually put it in light to control a bit of the slide. So this is our local little test track, which has a good array of interesting parts. But this is Dave's first time on the track so--

- First time. Yep.

- Yep.

- Off you go though.

- Alright. So, how do you find them? On this sort of like we're going through a bit of a bogey pile at the moment? Do they sort of feel or are they? How do they go?

- I felt like just before I mind you, I was just using compression from the vehicle to sort of control that a little bit down that descent. A little bit of sliding there.

- Yep.

- It should be fun coming back out if we come back the same way. We are.

- I think--

- There we go then.

- Yeah, lets see if we get lost. We're just about to go up a muddy slope after a little creek crossing. It's beautiful in here. Let's see how we go on this next little crossing.

- Roger.

- Not a crossing sorry. Next little hill.

- Yeah.

- So again looks pretty slippery so we'll see how we go--

- Its been raining--

- It's gonna be bumpy.

- It's been riding downhill that's a hole. I don't think that hole was here last time.

- [Dave] After that probably we haven't actually deflated the tyres either coming off the track.

- That's so soon. A bit bumpy.

- Still running on high enough pressure but we got out there actually pretty well so.

- Well.

- I was actually pretty happy there. And then we just met guys through a sort of a little buggy area so--

- What on that other vehicle.

- Yeah, that's a right tunnel through here and see how you go. So it seems like overall you've been quite happy with their full off road capabilities. Do you think? Yeah, would you? Would you recommend this tyre for what sort of group of people?

- I think this tyre would really come into a time for those that are a touring Australia, towing a caravan, camper trailer. Predominantly highway with some gravel driving, those that are maybe towing a horse flight where you're not predominantly seeking off roads adventures all the time happy to drive on gravel and drive on more challenging sort of road types, but not that sort of real mud real rock rolling type of environment so.

- Definitely so, majority just sort of you know the towing and the on road but they're still capable of doing this sort of track alone, now that you've stopped at the bottom of this hill.

- Yeah, I don't know if anyone can see that in front of us, but it's looking pretty good some good cutouts on the left hand side that we wouldn't want to slip into.

- So we might break there and let Dave concentrate on this hill and thanks for the review Dave.

- Not right now. It's not enjoyable. And yeah thanks for tyres but then certainly a good tyre. So thanks Yokohama.

- Awesome. Thanks all.

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