What makes an SUV tyre good value? Responsive handling, good wet and dry traction year round, comfort, low noise and long lasting tread wear - just to get the ball (or tyre) rolling. But how do you find the best value SUV tyre that’s right for you and your driving needs? We think we can help you out there.

Here at Tyre Review, we’ve worked hard to compile a list of independent tyre reviews so that you can easily find a list of the best rated durable SUV tyres available. Remember also that the cheapest SUV tyre doesn’t necessarily equal the best value - that’s why we’ve compiled these reviews, to help you make the tough decisions.

Your opinion counts too! Perhaps you could share your own experiences with others by leaving us a review of your own.

Note, a tyre must have 10 or more reviews on Tyre Review to appear within our Best Value SUV Tyres list.

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