Highway Terrains are for the 4x4 that primarily sees on-road use. It’s the vehicle you bought for its size and practicality, rather than its off-road capability. As such, you’re willing to trade some of the big knobbly tread for low noise and long lifespan. We have just the list of best rated, durable tyres for you!

We’ve compiled a list of the best rated 4WD HT tyres for durability to help you find Highway Terrain tyres for your 4WD that other Tyre Review users have rated for their high durability, to find the best tyres for your 4WD, right here at Tyre Review.

Note, a tyre must have 10 or more reviews on Tyre Review to appear within our Best 4WD Highway Terrain (HT) Tyres for Durable Treadwear list.

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