You like going off-road, bogging through mud pits, driving on soft sand and generally getting off the beaten track. But that doesn’t mean you enjoy being buffeted around by cheap tyres with poor sidewall design.

Not everyone has the luxury, or time, to switch between sets of 4WD tyres for different driving applications. Well, the team at Tyre Review have good news to share! Maybe you can find yourself a good set of Mud Terrain tyres without it being a trade off for off-road capability vs comfort.

See what other drivers have said about MTs that maintain a smooth ride by taking a look at our independent reviews for the best comfort 4WD MT tyres around. Maybe you could even leave a review of your own!

Note, a tyre must have 10 or more reviews on Tyre Review to appear within our Best 4WD Mud Terrain (MT) Tyres for Comfort list.

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