BFGoodrich KM3 M/T 3 Minute Review - Tyre Review Winter Adventure 2018

BFGoodrich KM3 M/T 3 Minute Review - Tyre Review Winter Adventure 2018

For the 2018 Tyre Review Winter Adventure Pete took his Toyota Hilux to the west coast of Tasmania equipped with the BFGoodrich KM3 M/T. How did they hold up? What did he think of them? Check it out!

Full Transcript:
Jared: I'm Jared from Tyre Review and we're here on the West coast of Tasmania for the Tyre Review Winter Adventure and I'm standing here with Pete whose been driving on the BFGoodrich KM3 this whole weekend. Pete, can you describe for the tracks that we've been driving on so far this weekend?
Pete: We went into to Montezuma Falls and probably predominantly mud and a bit of rock, stuff like that, wet and they were pretty good in there. No problems at all with the grip.
Jared: And on the Climies Track yesterday, how did they go on that?
Pete: Yeah, the Climies Track's granite stone, so it's pretty bumpy and so they were pretty good on that. Good grip on it and everything like that. Also, got really dirty mud holes that we got into and they actually self-cleaned pretty well. It didn't close up on me, so it was great.
Jared: Yeah. It was a pretty serious mud hole at the end there, but you got through straightaway.
Pete: Yeah. I just got in there and chewed it up a bit and we went.
Jared: And on the sand this morning, how did it go?
Pete: Yeah, the sand's good. We let them down a little bit and they bag out and ride over the sand nice.
Jared: What sort of PSI did you put it down to?
Pete: 18. 18 pounds. You gotta be low, but we don't want them rolling off the rim like we've done before.
Jared: Do you have any rooster tails?
Jared: What's your overall impression of the tyre, Pete?
Pete: Yeah, great. I'd have them here. I'd use them all the time here.
Jared: Cool. I should actually ask you how they go on the road.
Pete: Ride was good. Riding on the beach one was good, yep.
Jared: Much noise?
Pete: No, not a lot of noise but we sort of had them probably pumped up a bit hard to start with when we got up here. We lowered the pressure a bit and it was a breeze after that. Yeah.
Jared: Cool. Awesome. Well, thanks for coming alone, Pete.
Pete: Oh, good. Thanks, man. Cheers.

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