Are you looking for Bridgestone tyre reviews? At this stage, Bridgestone have declined to partner with Tyre Review to add their tyres to our review database. This means that until they are inclined to jump on board, you'll be unable to review Bridgestone tyres on this website, and you also won't be able to read anyone else's Bridgestone tyre review.

Want to add your voice to the chorus of those wanting Bridgestone on Tyre Review? Add your email below, and we'll also let you know if/when they come on board:

Why Doesn't Tyre Review List Bridgestone Without Their Consent?

Tyre Review's policy is to only list manufacturers who have given their consent to be included in the website. All large tyre brands in Australia, apart from Bridgestone, are participating in the website, meaning that we have one of the best databases of tyre reviews in Australia. Should Bridgestone choose to come on board, we'll welcome them with open arms when they're ready ❤

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