Kumho Tyre Australia has announced the launch of a new mud terrain tyre, which they claim will redefine the 4WD tyre segment.

The new Kumho Road Venture MT71 has been engineered specifically for the 4WD Ute and SUV market and aims to deliver premium off-road performance at a competitive price. 
Kumho Road Venture MT71 tyre

Kumho's new Mud Terrain tyre, the Road Venture MT71.

According to Kumho, this tyre has been more than 2 years in the making and is now available in 27 sizes, which they hope will cover the vast majority of the mud-terrain segment. That means if you own a 4WD Ute or SUV and are serious about your off-road adventures, chances are, there’s a Kumho Road Venture MT71 available for your vehicle make and model. 

The Road Venture MT71 is considered as a cornerstone product for Kumho, and has been developed with the belief that it will deliver the highest level of performance, previously unseen in the Kumho range and, they hope, the mud-terrain tyre market.

Exceptional off-road performance, highway safety and stability are the key features boasted by Kumho about this tyre. During pre-launch testing, the tyre scored well in an array of conditions that Kumho believes demonstrates the new tyres severe off-road capabilities.

These include:
  • Slick rock traction
  • Forward traction
  • Front path stability
  • Side-bite ability
  • Side slope traction

Kumho Road Venture MT71 tyre

Image credit: Tire Business

So just how does the Road Venture MT71 achieve these proposed capabilities?

Kumho designed a unique, extreme mud terrain tread design intended for withstanding and performing in even the most extreme off-road driving experiences. The aggressive tread design is paired with seven integrated steel and fabric layers, three-ply high-strength construction, two steel cord layers and two nylon protection plies. With these powers combined, Kumbo hopes that they have delivered one of the most robust mud-terrain tyres that the market has seen.

The Road Venture MT71 aims to offer the driver:

  • Enhanced climbing performance and off-road traction
  • Increased durability with extra cut and chip resistance
  • Exceptional off-road performance
  • Excellent highway safety and stability

Mud terrain tyres are well known for their on-road noise, which for some, is an issue as it can have a negative impact on the driver (and passenger) experience. Kumho hopes to have combated the issue somewhat however, and claims that the Road Venture MT71 delivers significantly less on-road noise, when compared to others available on the market.

How, you may be wondering? Kumho has designed a packed centre block and dual pitch tread with a pattern which utilises the theories of fluid mechanics. Not only does this design feature boast lower on-road noise, but Kumho also claims that these design features will enhance wet performance, climbing ability and traction both on and off road across both mud and rock.

These are some pretty big promises! Perhaps this is unsurprising, when you consider that Kumho, who have been around since 1960, have always been driven by innovative technical development and are today considered as one of the world’s leading tyre companies.

What do you think? Are you an avid off-road driver keen to put the new Road Venture MT71 tyre to the test? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences in a future review!