Partnership announcement

Tyre Review and 4WD trip partnership announcement. From tyre reviews to 4WD trips, we've got you covered.

Tyre Review & 4WD TRIP partnership

Tyre Review is very excited to announce that we have partnered with 4WD TRIP!

4WD TRIP is an innovative platform that allows you to connect with like-minded 4wders and plan trips that are perfectly aligned with your ability, needs and taste.

The friendly community is a great place to swap 4wd tips, experiences and modification ideas with like-minded individuals and enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in anything offroad be sure to check out 4WD Trip!

Through our partnership with 4WD TRIP we will be offering exclusive Tyre Review competitions to 4WD Trip members, so make sure you check out their website and sign up! Or follow them on YouTube for great footage of previous trips.

Looking for something more social? Head over to their Facebook or Instagram.

Keep an eye out here for future collaborative projects between Tyre Review and 4WD TRIP.

About 4WD Trip

4WD TRIP is a unique global Trip Companion Platform connecting 4wders to go on a 4wd trip. We help 4WD enthusiasts to discover and explore new 4WD tracks and destination together with other like-minded 4WD'ers.

4WD TRIP is a custom-made technology platform developed by 4WD and offroad enthusiasts, for offroad enthusiasts. 
At the heart of 4WD TRIP is the goal to improve the safety and experience while on tracks and trails. Leading to a more enjoyable time for everyone.

Becoming a member of 4WD TRIP means you can browse and view 4WD trips, ranging from weekend trips to full on 4WD club trips.
They've got a forum full of 4WD enthusiasts that share tips, experiences and answer questions. Go check it out!

Logo of 4WD TRIP

Tyre Review & 4WDTRIP partnership