Pirelli Scorpion AT+ Long Term Review Video

We've driven on the new Pirelli Scorpion AT+ all terrain tyre for over 10,000km, and now it's time to give you our long term review.

After more than 10,000 kays driving on the Pirelli Scorpion AT+ all terrain tyre, Jared gives us the down low on his experience with them. Did they live up to being the "unicorn" all terrain tyre that Pirelli promised they would be? Tune in to find out!


Gudday I'm Jared from Tyre Review and for the last ten-thousand K's or so I've been rolling on the new Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus, which is an evolution of their old pattern the ATR, but not to be confused because the new one is apparently better and more developed and that sort of thing.
Actually I've been really impressed with these tyres. We took them to the West Coast as part of the Tyre Review Winter Adventure, and we thrashed the hell out of them over there and they came back for more.
And then all the way back we, because we went to Strahan which is about three or four hours West of where we are now, and on the road pushing them hard they were really, really good, but also for the remainder of the ten-thousand K's they've impressed.
On the farm, which is where we are right now, or on the road, or with passengers in the car. These are a more aggressive pattern as well, so they're really, if you're looking for that aggressive look on the road but also for something that's going to be aggressive for actual full driving then thoroughly recommend them.
The only thing I've noticed is they're a bit more of a solid tyre, so comfort factor is down slightly, but the road handling and the four wheel drive capabilities really makes up for that, so as a well rounded tyre I'd thoroughly recommend them.
These actually are a snow rated tyre so they've got the three-peak rating, which means that you can take them up into the snow and they will tolerate those conditions and actually you don't necessarily need a snow tyre for the snow.
We took these up to the snow in Central Highlands Tasmania and got into some deep snow, and they actually, they loved it. Again, thoroughly recommend them.
The new Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus, after ten-thousand K's looking good. Thoroughly recommend.
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