Toyo Open Country ATIII Breaks Cover!

The new Toyo Open Country ATIII has broken cover, so let's take a look at this new tyre

The new Toyo Open Country ATIII has broken cover!

This is a tyre that Tyre Review first saw at SEMA in 2019, and we even had reference to it in one of our films, but Toyo asked us (politely) to remove reference to it. Anyway, now we can tell you all!

At first impression, it looks like they've scaled down the aggressiveness of the tread pattern, which should make it quieter on the road, better for carrying loads, and give it some better handling characteristics. It also means that the Toyo Open Country R/T has more breathing space at the more aggressive end of the AT market.

It's going on sale in the US from March 2 in 70 popular sizes that fit rim diameters ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches.

When we see it in Australia will be the next question, and we've reached out to Toyo Tires Australia for any confirmation they might be able to give to us on a release date down under.

A comparison between the tread patterns, with the new Toyo ATIII on the left, and the Toyo ATII on the right:
Toyo Open Country AT3 on the left, Toyo AT2 on the right

Toyo Open Country AT3 on the left, Toyo AT2 on the right

(Image from Custom Offset's video on the new tyres)

According to Toyo, the new tread pattern “delivers gripping off-road traction with responsive and predictable on-road handling,” and features include a new tread compound and design for enhanced grip, increased cut and chip resistance and a quiet, comfortable ride; a more evenly distributed void area for extra traction, increase tread block rigidity and an enhanced worn appearance; staggered shoulder lugs for increased off-road performance; 3D multi-wave sipes for enhanced wet and snow traction and irregular wear minimization; stone ejecting blocks, and more.

The tyre will also come with a warranty in the US - 65,000 miles for the P-metric tyres, and LT tyres will come with a 50,000 mile warranty. Remember, there's no guarantee that we'll see that warranty here in Australia.

Eventually the Toyo Open Country ATIII range will expand to 127 sizes, and fit rims up to 22 inches in rim diameter.

We're really looking forward to strapping a set of these new tyres onto the Tyre Review Ranger for a long term test, to see how they really fare over 10,000km of hard testing.

For more information, keep an eye on the US Toyo site... however they haven't even dropped the news over there as of writing!