Join us as we take a look at the new Predator New Mutant X-AT!
Introducing the Predator New Mutant X-AT, a versatile tyre designed for all seasons and terrains.

In their own words-

This tyre has an exceptionally aggressive tread pattern, ready to tackle a wide spectrum of off-road challenges. Its tread blocks are strategically staggered and irregularly shaped, creating a distinct, shattered glass-like pattern across the surface. This intricate design forms a network of zigzag grooves, efficiently facilitating self-cleaning. These grooves effectively rid the tyre of mud, snow, dirt, and debris that might otherwise impede performance. By maintaining a clean footprint, the tyre ensures consistent grip, enhancing its capabilities in soft, uneven, and loose terrains.

The tyre's all-season compound adapts to temperature fluctuations, ensuring consistent traction year-round. This adaptability is further complemented by the tyre's finely detailed tread, featuring dense siping and numerous biting edges. These attributes enhance grip on dry, wet, and winter road surfaces. Additionally, the zigzag grooves help prevent hydroplaning, a vital feature for on-road safety.

Crafted with a reinforced structure and a robust compound, this tyre boasts exceptional damage resistance. Its self-cleaning ability also contributes to this resilience by expelling rocks and debris that could harm the tread or casing, preventing irregular wear. Thanks to its durability and robust construction, the tyre maintains its optimal shape under pressure. The resistance extends to cuts, impacts, punctures, and tearing.

The densely packed tread blocks create a wide, flat contact area with the road. This design enhances responsiveness, allowing the tyre to react swiftly and precisely to driver inputs. The tyre's shape and structure promote remarkable stability. Overall, the New Mutant X-AT elevates the entire driving experience, offering both performance and safety.

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