Yokohama Geolandar X-AT Studio Review

The Yokohama Tire Geolandar X-AT is almost here! We got our hands on this as-yet unreleased tyre, and had a squiz at it in the studio

The Yokohama Tire Geolandar X-AT is almost here! We got our hands on this as-yet unreleased tyre, and had a squiz at it in the studio 🤘
You can get your hands on these tyres on August 1st 2019, or keep your eyes peeled for our long term review, coming soon.


Full transcript:
Jared Mendham: Today, we've got the new Yokohama X-AT in the warehouse. This tyre hasn't even been released yet, so stick with me and we'll have a close look at it.
Jared Mendham: G'day. Today in the warehouse, we've got the Yokohama X-AT, and I'm excited because this tyre has not even been released yet around the world. It's being released on the 1st of August, and we're probably some of the first people to actually have the tyre, and to be able to even see the tyre.
Jared Mendham: This, they call it an X-AT, so it's one of those increasing breed of tyres that are becoming available, that is not an all-terrain, that's not a mud-terrain, but it's got characteristics of both. So it's got maybe the comfort and low noise of an all-terrain tyre, but it's also got the aggressiveness and maybe the durability of a mud-terrain tyre, or somewhere in between.
Jared Mendham: I'm actually really interested to see how this tyre goes. Let's just take a quick look at the details of the tyre. So one of the first things you notice with this tyre is that it's actually got two different sidewall patterns. So it's got these ones here which look a little bit like daggers, and they're pretty aggressive, and they say that's going to help with traction, and then these ones on the other side are more sort of up and down. So depending on the look that you want for your car, you can actually have your choice of sidewall.
Jared Mendham: Let's have a look at the tread face. This is where the X-AT is really quite different from a regular all-terrain, in that it actually has these significantly deeper gaps that are going to help get all that mud and sand and crap out from the tyre and help it keep gripping, significant spacing on the shoulder blocks, and even significant spacing all the way through the actual tread pattern itself.
Jared Mendham: In terms of noise blocking, Yokohama have actually said that this zigzag groove is actually going to help with keeping the noise down as well, because remember, this is a pretty aggressive tyre, so keeping that noise down is a really important thing for both the longevity of the tyre, in terms of how long you actually want to keep it on there, and also for mental, you know, so it's not so freaking noisy.
Jared Mendham: Yokohama also say that basically they've built into this tyre improved puncture resistance, so they've built in extra sidewall plies than you would normally get on a regular all-train tyre, and they've also got a full nylon cap in here, so it's actually going to be less likely to get punctures. They've built in some stone rejection technology as well. They've also got these varied length blocks, which they say are going to be more likely to be able to cut into the the terrain, so you're less likely to lose that grip as you're actually driving off-road.
Jared Mendham: So these are the new Yokohama X-AT, and these will actually be going on the Tyre Review test Ford Ranger for the next 10,000 Ks or so, and that's actually me who's going to be driving that one, so I'm really interested to see how they go, both on the road, off the road, with the family. The suspension in the Ranger is a bit hard, so we'll see if the comfort factor is up there, but we'll report back in 10,000 Ks.
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