Hifly Hifly SUPER2000

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Light-Truck/Commercial Van Tyre offering outstanding value for money


  • Reinforced structure composed of steel belts and full nylon protector delivers extra puncture resistance and load capacity for performance in tough working conditions.
  • Zig-zag vertical groove and open horizontal groove arrangement combined with sipes provide excellent wet and dry grip, for a safe drive in all conditions.
  • Special abrasion-resistant tread compound for enhanced mileage -- so tyres last longer.
  • Variable pitch pattern reduces noise generation for a quiet, comfortable ride.
Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Low Rolling Resistance?
155R12 88Q553mm--
155R12 88/86Q553mm--
155R13 90/88Q579mm--
155/80 R13 90Q578mm--
165R13 94/92R596mm--
165/80 R13 94Q594mm--
175R13 97R612mm--
175R13 97/95R612mm--
175R14 99R634mm--
175R14 99/98R634mm--
175/65 R14 90T583mm--
175/65 R14 90/88T583mm--
185R14 102/100R647mm--
185/80 R14 102Q652mm--
195R14 106/104R666mm--
195/80 R14 106Q668mm--
205R14 110Q684mm--
205R14 110/108Q684mm--
195R15 106/104R694mm--
195/70 R15 104R654mm--
195/70 R15 104/102R654mm--
195/80 R15 106Q693mm--
205/65 R15 102R648mm--
205/65 R15 102/100T648mm--
205/70 R15 106R668mm--
205/70 R15 106/104R668mm--
215/65 R15 104T661mm--
215/65 R15 104/102T661mm--
215/70 R15 109R682mm--
215/70 R15 109/107R682mm--
225/70 R15 112R696mm--
225/70 R15 112/110R696mm--
185/75 R16 104R684mm--
185/75 R16 104/102R684mm--
195/65 R16 104R660mm--
195/65 R16 104/102T660mm--
195/75 R16 107R699mm--
195/75 R16 107/105R699mm--
205R16 110/108Q736mm--
205/65 R16 107R673mm--
205/65 R16 107/105T673mm--
205/75 R16 110R714mm--
205/75 R16 110/108R714mm--
215/60 R16 108R664mm--
215/60 R16 108/106R664mm--
215/65 R16 109R686mm--
215/65 R16 109/107R686mm--
215/65 R16 109/107T686mm--
215/70 R16 108T707mm--
215/70 R16 108/106T707mm--
215/75 R16 113R729mm--
215/75 R16 116/114R729mm--
225/65 R16 112R699mm--
225/65 R16 112/110T699mm--
225/75 R16 121R744mm--
225/75 R16 121/120R744mm--
235/65 R16 115R712mm--
235/65 R16 121R712mm--
235/65 R16 121/119R712mm--