The new AT52 blends the perfect combination of performance to take command of rugged terrains whilst also delivering on-road comfort and providing year-round all-season traction.

Enhanced traction tread design

- Deep lateral and wide sub-lateral grooves combined with high-density siping help provide the perfect combination of clawing action off road, whilst also improving wet performance both on and off-road

Extreme side-biters

- Rugged and aggressive side-biters are a 100% increase in 3D biter depth compared to its predecessor and increased shoulder traction whilst adding additional puncture protection
Wear resistant compound

- Featuring a complex carbon black compound with an optimal polymer blend ratio helps the pattern resist irregular wear and improves cut-and-chip resistance with an overall improvement of tyre life by up to 20% compared to its predecessor

Below is video of Jared talking about the differences between the AT52 & AT51 tyres from Kumho.

The new AT52 aims to blend the perfect combination of performance for your 4X4 life, this all-terrain tyre aims to take command of rugged landscapes when off-road whilst simultaneously providing a comfortable on-road experience. 

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