Join us as we take a look at the new Falken Ziex ZE310R Ecorun.
The ZE310R will complement the ever-growing Falken Tyre range. This tread pattern brings a high-performance tyre made for Australian roads, designed to improve tread wear life, wet braking and fuel consumption.


The high-performance profile has been designed to deliver enhanced profile stiffness, increased tyre footprint and improved water evacuation. The result is improved wet performance and reduced risk of aquaplaning. The tyre's increased traction and steering response make it perfect for drivers who demand the best performance.


ACP tread design is one of the smartest tread designs on the market. The adaptive tread pattern changes to maximise surface area, providing consistent expanded contact for superior traction. This design also enhances directional stability and grip, with even wear over time.


Features new compound advancements to help improve tread flexibility and traction while simultaneously reducing polymer heat generation. A silica-enriched tread compound on all sizes delivers superior wear life and wet performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. It reduces the hysteresis heat loss for the energy efficient performance.
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