Recently we took a fairly extensive look at the new Geolandar A/T XD G017 from Yokohama Tyres. I could write a big thing all about it, but instead i'll let Jared, who will appear below via 
video, almost an entire month after filming… to tell you all about it. Below that, you can read most of the things he just said.
The Geolandar A/T XD G017 is an eXtra Durable all terrain tyre designed to spend the majority of its life off-road. It’s a capable off-roader with good wear characteristics, strong performance and reliability when you really need it. With Light Truck (LT) construction, Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, deep tread grooves for off-road traction and a tough compound to resist cuts and chips, Geolandar A/T XD GO17 is ideal for commercial applications in harsh environments like mine sites.

Key Features-

Durable Compound - Contributes to longer tread life and resists cuts and chips.

Aggressive Block Tread Pattern - Good off-road traction and visual appeal.

Deep Grooves & Wavey Sipes - Good off-road traction and shorter braking.

Lateral Protrusions In Tread Grooves - Eject mud and enhance mud and snow traction.

2 in 1 Sidewall Blocks - Good off-road traction and aggressive appearance.

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