Falken Falken WILDPEAK M/T

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Trusted by the pros to take on the harshest conditions, the tough WILDPEAK M/T is built to get you there and back whether you’re on the pavement, mud, snow or rocks. The M/T features Falken’s proprietary three-ply DURASPEC™ Sidewall Technology developed to sustain the most punishing off-road conditions. DURASPEC™ also features two high ply turn-ups that provide an additional layer of protection and durability. An aggressive upper sidewall provides additional traction at low air pressures on rugged terrain. The WILDPEAK M/T also features exceptional road manners thanks to an optimized variable three-pitch tread pattern and precision manufacturing technology.


  • RUGGED AND RIGID TREAD BLOCKS - Feature step?down supports on the centre blocks to provide tread-pattern rigidity in the contact patch, enhancing stability and handling while preventing stones from becoming trapped in the grooves
  • AGGRESSIVE UPPER SIDEWALL - Along with offset shoulder blocks protect the tyre from sharp rocks and provide additional off?road traction at low tyre pressures or in off?camber situations
  • MUD AND ROCK DEFENSE FEATURES - Shed mud from the tread grooves to prevent loss of traction, ensuring maximum grip while preventing rocks from puncturing the base of the tread
  • OPTIMISED TREAD PATTERN - With three variable pitches positions the tread blocks to provide an exceptionally quiet ride
Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Low Rolling Resistance?
30X9.5 R15 104Q762mm--
31X10.5 R15 109Q787mm--
33X12.5 R15 108Q838mm--
35X12.5 R15 113Q889mm--
235/85 R16 120Q806mm--
245/75 R16 120Q774mm--
265/75 R16 123Q804mm--
285/75 R16 126Q834mm--
315/75 R16 127S879mm--
35X12.5 R17 121Q441mm--
37X12.5 R17 124Q940mm--
265/70 R17 121Q803mm--
285/70 R17 121Q831mm--
295/70 R17 121Q845mm--
315/70 R17 121Q873mm--
275/70 R18 125Q842mm--
285/65 R18 125Q828mm--
35X12.5 R20 121Q889mm--
305/55 R20 121Q844mm--
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