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The Geolandar AT G015 provides ultimate traction and impressive all terrain capability, suitable for SUVs, 4WDs and Utes. Whether work or play, on the highway or on the trail, every size has been designed to give you exceptional traction and all-terrain capabilities. The Geolandar A/T is suitable for drivers requiring durability, long tread life, off road traction, on road handling, low noise and a comfortable ride. The Geolandar AT G015 is also covered under Yokohama's Free Road Hazard Protection, available when you purchase two or more at a participating Yokohama authorised dealer.


  • Wide shoulder profile to improve off road traction and promote long, even wear.
  • Aggressive shoulder design.
  • Full Nylon Cover.
  • Optimised lug grooves.
Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Low Rolling Resistance?
30X9.5 R15 104S762mm--
31X10.5 R15 109S787mm--
32X11.5 R15 113S813mm--
33X12.5 R15 108S838mm--
205/70 R15 96H668mm--
235/75 R15 109H734mm--
255/70 R15 112S738mm--
265/70 R15 112H752mm--
205/80 R16 104T734mm--
215/65 R16 98H686mm--
215/70 R16 100H707mm--
225/70 R16 103H721mm--
225/75 R16 115R744mm--
235/60 R16 100H688mm--
235/70 R16 106H735mm--
235/85 R16 120R806mm--
245/70 R16 111H749mm--
245/75 R16 120S774mm--
255/65 R16 109H738mm--
255/70 R16 111H763mm--
265/70 R16 112H777mm--
265/75 R16 114T804mm--
265/75 R16 123R804mm--
275/70 R16 114H791mm--
285/75 R16 126R834mm--
295/75 R16 128R849mm--
315/75 R16 127R879mm--
215/60 R17 96H690mm--
225/65 R17 102H724mm--
225/70 R17 108T747mm--
235/65 R17 108H737mm--
235/70 R17 109H761mm--
245/65 R17 111H750mm--
245/70 R17 119R775mm--
245/75 R17 121S799mm--
255/65 R17 114H763mm--
255/75 R17 113T814mm--
265/65 R17 112H776mm--
265/70 R17 121S803mm--
275/65 R17 115H789mm--
285/65 R17 116H802mm--
285/70 R17 121S831mm--
285/75 R17 121S859mm--
315/70 R17 121S873mm--
35X12.5 R18 123R889mm--
225/55 R18 98H705mm--
235/60 R18 107H739mm--
255/55 R18 109H738mm--
255/70 R18 113H814mm--
265/60 R18 110H775mm--
265/65 R18 114H802mm--
265/70 R18 124R828mm--
275/60 R18 113H787mm--
275/65 R18 123S815mm--
275/70 R18 125S842mm--
285/60 R18 116H799mm--
285/65 R18 125S828mm--
285/75 R18 129S885mm--
295/70 R18 129S876mm--
235/55 R19 105H741mm--
255/55 R19 111H763mm--
275/55 R20 117H811mm--
275/60 R20 115H838mm--
275/65 R20 126R866mm--
285/50 R20 112H793mm--
285/55 R20 122S822mm--
305/55 R20 121S844mm--
285/45 R22 114H815mm--

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