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This article takes a look at the different methods used and the equipment available to manage your tyre pressures.

A common and popular method of deflating the tyres on your 4wd is the use of pre-set screw on tyre deflators. They work by screwing onto the tyre valve and gradually releasing air pressure until the pre-set pressure is reached. Four individual deflators are set to the same pressure and one screwed into each of the vehicles tyres. It is recommended that you check the tyre pressure with an accurate gauge to verify the deflators are set to your desired pressure. Checking is also recommended after adjusting the deflators.

Screw in pre-set tyre deflators are easy to use and generally reliable but their distinct disadvantage is the speed of deflation is quite slow. This is especially noticeable when you need to reduce the pressure by a large amount. The solution is to use a variable fast tyre deflator. These work by screwing onto the tyre valve and then the deflator removes the valve core enabling a large volume of air to be removed quickly. The deflator has a gauge so you can stop deflation once your desired pressure is reached. The deflator then re-installs the valve core and you can then unscrew it from the tyre valve.