Using the correct wheels and tyres on your vehicle are super important to the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users. How do you know what size wheels and tyres your vehicle needs? Click here to read more about learning how to tell what size tyres your vehicle takes. 

You can also rest easy when I tell you that since 1973, all vehicles sold in Australia have been fitted with a ‘tyre placard’. This is a sticker which specifies the recommended tyres for your vehicle. The below video clip from Tyre Review’s Leeson and Jared will demonstrate where your vehicle placard can be found.
A tyre placard includes the following recommended information:
  • Wheel and tyre combinations
  • Air pressure
  • Load capacity
  • Speed rating

Your vehicle placard will likely look something like this:

Tyre Placard Example

For such a compact sticker, this placard sure does hold a lot of useful information! Now you know how to find out what size tyres your vehicle will take, perhaps it’s time to think about your tyre selection and/or read some tyre reviews.